Difference after drycleaning in evenness of the adhesive bond of selected fusible interfacings applied to wool fabric

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Gunder, Tamala J.
Whitaker, Sue H.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of drycleaning on selected fusible interfacings applied to wool fabric. Six fusible interfacing were applied, following manufacturer’s directions, to a randomly selected suit-weight 100 percent wool flannel. A nine-member panel of high school home economics teachers evaluated the samples for evenness of the adhesive bond before drycleaning and following 3,6,9, and 12 drycleanings. Samples were rated using a five-point value scale, with five being the tope rating.Mean ratings were obtained for each fusible at each of the five levels of drycleaning. After 12 drycleanings, two samples, a fusible hair canvas by Staple Sewing Aids and Suit-Shape by Stacy Fabrics Corporation, received above average (3.000 or better) ratings (4.556 and 3.333, respectively). Mean ratings of the other fusibles are as follows: Sof-Shape by Pellon Corporation, 1.889; Pel-Aire by Pellon, 2.666; Easy-Shaper by Stacy, 1.333; Jiffy-Fuse by Staple, 2.333.The significance of the analysis of variance was calculated using the Duncan Multiple Range Test. Differences in means for the fusible hair canvas, Suit-Shape and Jiffy-Fuse were not found to be significant (p<.05). Significant difference in mean ratings did occur for the other three samples.