Critical care and nursing: analyzing case studies

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Rainey, LeAndrea
Siela, Debra
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Thesis (B.?)
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In my thesis I will be reflecting on my clinical journey in critical care setting and how the care provided and witnessed during these last eight weeks will impact the care I provide as a nurse. I have written five 8-10 page case studies on four different patients in the critical care setting this fall. One case study (number 3) is about Rapid Response nursing and the importance of it. The following topics will be analyzed and addressed on each patient throughout the paper. The topics are: Patient History (description of past medical history of the patient), Course of Illness (the reason why they are currently in the hospital), Pathophysiology (how did the patient’s illness happened), Assessment (physical findings, vital signs, observation and subjective findings), Diagnostics (lab results), Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions (what the nurses did to keep the patient alive), Drug and medical Interventions (how drugs work in the body), Patient Safety (guidelines and competencies that were followed to keep the patient safe), Interpretation, Analysis, and Synthesis (summary and my rationale for clinical judgements).