Spiritual elements and their effects on landscape design developments : how to apply feng shui theory to landscape design

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Kim, Jongtae
Motloch, John L.
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Thesis (M.L.A.)
Department of Landscape Architecture
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This study is presented to: address principles, rules and application of Feng Shui theory for placement of man-made structures including planting trees, color, landform, water flows, etc.; introduce the basic information of Feng Shui theory; and research the background philosophy of them. Various basic principles of Feng Shui are introduced with figures and explanations. Basic vocabularies of Feng Shui are identified to apply landscape design concepts. Research on the Foundations of Feng Shui theory is conducted to interpret each relevant Feng Shui rule to connect it to Chi theory. Feng Shui principles based on Chi theory are deduced to apply to landscape design. Various patterns of location, place arrangement and orientation of structures are introduced as examples based on Feng Shui as a landscape design reference. The deduced Feng Shui principles are applied to analyze the site of these residential housing case studies.