Factors affecting consumer selection of major shopping locations in Muncie, Indiana

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Jack, Tyghe L.
Brown, Joseph D.
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Thesis (M.A.)
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Continued in this thesis is a description of the retail shipping behavior of Muncie, Indiana, residents and residents living in the fringe areas of Muncie, Indiana. In addition to a description of shopping behavior, this study also ascertained the major factors associated with selection of a major shopping location in Muncie by the area and fringe area residents. The major shopping locations included in the study were Downtown, Meadows Shopping Center, Muncie Mall, Northwest Plaza, Southway Plaza, and The Village. Major factor areas tested for association with selection of shopping location were socioeconomic variables, information sources, consumer attitudes toward store selection, and consumer evaluation of the shopping locations.Special attention was given to the influence of driving time on selection of a shopping location. Approximately 2700 license plate numbers were recorded from Muncie’s major shopping locations to determine the geographic dispersion of shoppers patronizing these shopping locations.