Indiana State Government: a navigation of its processes and its importance

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Willey, Samuel
Fernandes, Brigitte
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Many young people have a general understanding of the federal government and its operations, though a lot less are familiar with what occurs on the state level. What many do not realize is that the laws passed in the state of Indiana impacts their lives significantly more than the laws passed on the federal level. I had the opportunity to intern at the Indiana Statehouse, and prior to the internship, I had a minimal understanding of our state government. After completing the internship, I now see its importance and its ability to change how we live our life. In this video, I use my experience to navigate Indiana’s government by answering three questions: (1) what is the Statehouse, (2) what part do you play, and (3) how to stay connected. By understanding these questions, a young Hoosier can understand the value of Indiana’s government and their importance in its processes.