Fieldwork: a new civic infrastructure to connect rural America to the global network

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Gemmill, Logan
Overbey, Daniel
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Thesis (B.?)
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This thesis addresses a gap in community resources left between traditional public libraries and community centers. Through the design of a new type of flexible community hub, this thesis will offer lasting value to economically strapped rural areas via its flexibility of program and spaces. The design develops an architectural language of inclusion that encourages community engagement. The project demonstrates an inviting, contextual, and necessary design approach that reinvigorates this large demographic. Both site and architecture emphasize connections across existing physical boundaries to ensure passersby know they are welcome in the space. Flexibility drives the architecture, program, and success of this project as resiliency is an important component of any new work. This new kind of civic infrastructure in rural America is a nexus for rebuilding the culture of a region adversely affected by the globalization of society. The goal of this new civic infrastructure is to create a vibrant civic space for America’s rural population. An inclusive, welcoming proposal is represented here: one that promotes stewardship, links together natural and cultural bucolic values, and encourages informal social interactions to achieve a fulfilling civic life for rural Americans.